Flying Site

All IRW rocket flying will be carried out the Fairlie Moor Rocket Site (FMRS), located 16 Miles (25.6 Km) South West of the LLBC Base Camp, connected by road. There will be a map in the Activity Hall showing the route to the FMRS.



Those participants not having their own transport can arrange lifts to and from the FMRS. IRW people are always helpful in this regard.


The FMRS has several separate launch areas to safely accommodate Model, High Power and Large Rocket launching being conducted in parallel. There will also be an Aquajet/Water Rocket range at the FMRS for the IRW event. The FMRS altitude ceiling is 16,000 Feet (4,876 Metres) AMSL, with the Site elevation being 820 Feet (250 Metres) AMSL. (AMSL = Above Mean Sea Level.)


Notes and advice about safe movement and conduct at the FMRS


1. There is a public road (but not a main road) running through the Site. This makes the Site easily accessible, but we must not put non-IRW road users at risk from our activities there. Also you must be aware of traffic movements on this road when on or near it. There will be control of rocket launches during Launch Windows in relation to road traffic safety.


2. The FMRS is open moorland at an elevation (altitude) of 820 Feet (250 Metres) AMSL. The main Site area has reasonably level parts that provide the Launch Areas (for launch pads and other GSE), but is otherwise unevenly sloped, and lies between two sets of hills. The ground is boggy (soft) in several places, with streams of water running across it, and these are sometimes concealed by long grasses, and can be over a foot (0.3 metres) deep.


3. Unless your rocket lands close to the launch pad or Launch Area, and if you will have to walk away from the Launch Area to look for and recover your rocket, you must be accompanied by another person, and have a mobile phone, or a radio (the Organisers will provide radios). The other person is there to help if you get into any difficulties as well as help you look for your rocket. The mobile phone (you will be given the RSO’s mobile number) or the radio is so that you can be in communication with the RSO if necessary.


4. Under Scottish countryside law, the FMRS land is open access to the public, and people just out for a walk may appear on the land, or on the road at any time, and they may have dogs with them. Please just keep a lookout for such people when flying or recovering rockets at the FMRS.


5. When going to recover rockets you may well come across sheep, and Highland Cattle (big cows with reddish-brown shaggy coats and very large horns). Sheep are timid animals, and will move away from you as you approach them. Please do not chase or harass them. Although Highland Cattle look big and fierce, with their large horns, they are actually gentle animals as long as you don’t upset or frighten them, particularly if they have young calves. Unlike sheep however, the Cattle are less likely to move away from you. So, if you come across any Highland Cattle at the FMRS just give them a good wide berth and walk quietly round and past them.


6. Obviously we hope to have good weather for IRW. However, the weather in Scotland can be very changeable. The FMRS, being near the sea, at high elevation, and surrounded by hills can see rapid changes in the weather. You should wear good, strong, waterproof boots when at the FMRS, whatever the weather. If it is sunny and hot, make sure that you have a hat and other protection from the Sun – which can be very strong on Scottish moorland in the Summer – suitable clothing and sunscreen for exposed skin, and lots of water to avoid dehydration. Make sure that you have some warmer clothing, and also a waterproof jacket with you at the FMRS (even on sunny days) in case rain and colder air should come in from the sea. If you can, carry with you a basic First Aid medical kit to treat minor injuries – scratches, small cuts, bumps, headaches, etc.


7. The IRW Organisers will do their best to look after your safety at the FMRS. However, you are primarily responsible for looking after your own safety, and the safety of anyone that you are responsible for looking after. You should also ensure that your conduct and actions do not endanger others at the Site.


8. There is space to park cars and vehicles off-road near the Launch Areas, which is convenient. However, there is also some risk in parking close to the Launch Areas. All car and vehicle parking at the FMRS is at owners’ risk. There is parking space further away from the HPR Launch Areas (see FMRS photograph).


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