Base Camp Basics

The HQ, accommodation and base of operations site for IRW will be at the Lapwing Lodge Outdoor Centre, in the beautiful setting of Gleniffer Braes, South of the town of Paisley, in Scotland.

Lapwing Lodge

Important notice: New Games Hall building work during IRW 2019.


During this year’s IRW, work on the building of the new Games Hall will be going on immediately next door to the Activities Hall, which we shall be using as Rocket Workshop space.  This means that access for parking in front of the Activities Hall, and vehicle movements, particularly between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM may be restricted to one degree or another.  How much this will be the case will depend on the state of progress with the Games Hall build at the time of the IRW.  Therefore, it is not possible to be specific in advance about how these restrictions will apply in actuality. The IRW Organising Committee will keep in close touch with the Lapwing Lodge Warden, Ross Dunbar, to manage this situation and advise all concerned on a day to day basis during the IRW.  Parking will be available at Lapwing Lodge, just not perhaps in the most convenient places at times.  There will also be safety advice in relation to our proximity to the Games Hall building works during the IRW, as appropriate.  The IRW 2019 Organising Committee asks all IRW participants and visitors to stay aware of this situation, and please heed all advice and information provided thereto.

Lapwing Lodge is situated 10 minutes drive from Glasgow Airport, Paisley Railway station and the M8 motorway.


IRW participants will have use of the Activity Hall/Workshop. Unlike in previous years, this accommodation has four walls! The Workshop will be fully furnished with tables and chairs.

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