Types of Rockets


Types: Open, Research, and Competition rocket flying in the following classes: -


  • Model Rockets = ½ A to G Class Motors, i.e. 0.00 to 160.00 Newton seconds (Ns) Total Impulse (TI).
  • High Power Rockets = H to M Class Motors, i.e. 160.01 to 10,240.00 Ns TI. *
  • Large Rockets** = N, and over N Class Motors, i.e. 10,240.01 Ns and greater TI*.

* Including Experimental/research rockets (See Rules)

** See Rules

Motors = Solid, Hybrid, or Liquid Propellants.



Note: For fuller details of all of the above, see Section 1.1. “Definitions” in the UKRA Safety Code – in the “Members’ Handbook” or at www.ukra.org.uk/safety

  • Aquajet Rockets = compressed air and water jet propulsion. (If you are not familiar with Aquajet/Water Rockets, just Google either of these terms for information. Alternatively go to the “Aquajet Rocketry” threads on the UKRA Forums (in Propulsion forum), the UK Rocketry Forum (in Assembly Building forum), The Rocketry Forum (in Propulsion forum), on Rocketry Planet (in Rocket Propulsion forum) where Aquajet information has been posted by the IRW 2017 Organising Committee. Aquajet rocket flying will be carried out at the Fairlie Moor Rocket Site on the dates when it is open, but also at the Lapwing Lodge Base Camp at an Aquajet Range that will be set up there, on all the IRW 2017 dates from Monday 21st to Monday 28th August, as may be wanted by participants. Aquajet Construction and Safety Code.


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