Flying Site

All IRW rocket flying will be carried out the Fairlie Moor Rocket Site (FMRS), located 16 Miles (25.6 Km) South West of the LLBC Base Camp, connected by road. There will be a map in the Activity Hall showing the route to the FMRS.



Site Location

This is at Fairlie Moor near Knockendon Farm. This has been the IRW HPR site since 2004, and is the SARA (Scottish Aeronautics & Rocketry Association) flying site. There is a picnic place there with car-park.


FMRS Panorama

A panoramic photograph of the launch site can be found here.


FMRS Directions

Renowned author Rick Newlands has provided this handy pictorial guide to and from FMRS.


Directions to FMRS from LLBC

Directions to LLBC from FMRS



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